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Bobby D. Roll, owner, funeral director and embalmer for Roll Funeral Home, may have recently purchased the funeral home previously called Weber Funeral Home, located at 211 South Oak Street, but has long ties to both Mid-Missouri and California.

"My father Leroy Roll grew up in Centertown," Roll said, "and my mother was Kathrine Heinen and grew up in California. I was raised in Sedalia and would go back and forth almost every other weekend between Jefferson City and California visiting grandparents."

When Bill Weber purchased the funeral home he took over in the late 1980's, Roll said it was he who opened it for Weber. He added he enjoyed his time living in the town and helping the business get on track.

From helping start up the business Roll worked at various funeral homes in Missouri and also out of state in Dallas, Texas, and Tulsa, Okla.

"I have become well rounded in the funeral business," Roll said. I have run businesses which do 20 calls a year all the way up to 1,200 a year. I have been doing this for 23 years and I have plenty of experience. When the Webers called and said they wanted to sell I was excited because I have always wanted to come back here just to finish my career out and own my own business. So it worked out pretty well."

Roll said he got interested in the funeral home business while working at St. Mary's Health Center on an ambulance team. He added back when he was working on an ambulance crew their work coincided with the funeral homes. Roll said he also served proudly in the Army and National Guard for nine years. After getting out, he went on to embalming school and found he had a talent for the business and has been fulfilled serving families ever since.

"There is no greater honor than to be entrusted with the care of someone's loved one," Roll said. "I keep a clean facility and have friendly staff. If something is not up to someone's standards I want to hear about it. I am the owner, so if something is wrong it will stop with me. We will get it fixed." Roll said he will install carpet, curtains and new paint. He also plans on getting a new flagpole to better honor veterans and American, There improvements Roll said are to help the funeral home live up to his standards while also establishing the atmosphere he wants.

"It is important to me to shop locally," Roll said. "I bought my van here in California and buy my caskets from a company in Missouri. I try to keep everything as close as I can to help our local economy." Roll likes to refinish furniture, fish and do yard work in his spare time. Making his business like a home for those he serves is a priority for Roll.

"This is a funeral home and should be just like a home," Roll said. "Our break room is cleared and people are more than welcome to have something to eat while they are here or bring in food. I live here at the funeral home so I am very close to the business. It makes my response time quicker. I really like it, the people are fantastic, friendly and ready to help out. Everyone has been very cordial and welcomed me in. "

Roll Funeral Home's business hours are 8:30a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The number for more information which Roll said is available 24/7 is 573-796-4611. Roll added he does not use an impersonal answering service and most times you will catch him.

"We accommodate anyone, anytime," Roll said. "We are open for business and serve all faiths. We are here to help. If you have questions call anytime. I'm happy to be here and serve the California area."

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